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BC based Fertility Therapist Rifa Hodgson welcomes you to the site dedicated to HYPNO-FERTILITY. This page based on the work of two pioneers in the field of Hypnosis for Fertility. American Hypnotherapist Linsi Eastburn, brilliantly put this successful Hypno-Fertility program together in 2007. The best possible proofs of its success are- BABIES!

I am honored to be the first Accredited Fertility Therapist (2007) in Western Canada, to be able assist you in achieving this incredibly rewarding and profound experience.

In 2011, a training with James Schwartz author of “The Mind/Body Fertility Connection" added another dimension to this work.

Whether you have just started to investigate the ways to enhance your capacity to conceive a child or you have been on that road for a while and are now looking for other avenues to explore - you are in the right place. Our minds have such a powerful effect over our bodies, yet most people don't know how to use their mind intentionally to encourage and elicit desired changes in their bodies and their lives. When stress and pressure are lifted, the body starts to function as intended by nature. Have you ever heard the stories about a couple who adopted a child and found themselves pregnant just a few months later? What happened? After adopting a child the inner obstacles relating to fertility were removed and the mind was able to relax and remember how to procreate.

The conception could have been facilitated much more effortlessly by programming one's mind through hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is fast becoming one of the most sought after approaches dealing with infertility today. It is estimated that 20% of Canadian couples experience infertility problems, and for nearly a third of the couples the infertility is "unexplained".

Each year millions of dollars and wide range of emotions are spent to overcome infertility. Hypno Fertility offers a safe and powerful way of increasing the likelihood of fertility at a fraction of the cost.

Doctors and scientists from around the world have proven the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for this and other reproductive challenges. To look at the science behind the use of hypnosis for fertility.

Studies carried out comparing hypnotherapy, psychoanalysis and behavioral therapy show a staggering result favoring hypnotherapy:

Psychoanalysis   38% of clients reported recovery from their conditions after 600 sessions. 
Behavioral Therapy  72% of clients reported recovery from their conditions after 22 sessions. 
Hypnotherapy   93% of clients reported success after only 6 sessions! 


"Unexplained infertility"

Although couples often feel helpless upon hearing the diagnosis "unexplained infertility", it is actually great news.

  • "Unexplained infertility" actually means there is no physiological reason for a woman not to become pregnant. It may be more helpful to look at it this way - you have the medical proof that there is no physical problem, you are not infertile, you just haven't conceived yet!
  • Many couples having difficulty in conceiving are most likely undergoing a lot of stress. There may be past emotional traumas which are blocking the body's natural processes. They may have subconscious fears or unresolved issues about childbirth or the responsibility of being a parent. Also there may be hormonal problems which may be contributing to the problem.
The Hypno-Fertility program may help with these challenges, allowing the body and mind to realign themselves into a state where nature is able to take its course.


What's involved in Hypno-Fertility therapy?

  • Hypnotherapy sessions are tailored to for each client, based on their individual needs.
  • The initial interview (usually up to two hours) helps to identify areas that can be changed. This information is used to create an individual program consisting of a minimum of 4 and with an average of about 6 sessions (each an hour and a half to two hours long).
  • The Hypno-Fertility program can be used alone for those who would like to conceive naturally or combined with medical fertility treatment. In both cases it could greatly increase the chances of success.
  • When it is used in conjunction with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) it ideally starts a month or so before IVF treatment commences.
  • Your Hypno-Fertility program will help you to maximize the potential for natural conception, as well as offer hypnotherapeutic support and stress relief during medical procedures.
  • Sometimes a couple who are booked in for IVF will become pregnant before the treatment actually occurs!


Additional Benefits
  • You will learn basic Self hypnosis skills to help you achieve your goal of a healthy pregnancy. You also can apply Self Hypnosis skills towards different areas of your life.
  • Hypno-Fertility also teaches the couple how to work as a team throughout the medical procedures. It is common sense that if you both feel calm, comfortable and supportive while working with your partner to enhance the process, you together will create a more positive environment for conception.
  • If you wish to combine your Fertility Program with a weekend or mini getaway there are plenty of enchanting accommodations to choose from plus the magic of the mountains, ocean and rain forest to make it the perfect place for quiet contemplation or an exciting holiday.

Contact Rifa for more information or to schedule a free ½ hour consultation.

Please be advised that the material in this program is in no way a substitute for medical advice nor does it replace your doctor's care! Please consult the medical practitioner of your choice for such care and advice.

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