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  • All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. No one can put you into hypnosis without you agreeing to it. You are not unconscious; just relaxed and focused on your goal. It is a state of mind that feels similar to day dreaming, being engrossed in a good book or like "the zone" athletes experience when they are involved in their sport.
  • Hypnosis is a naturally induced state of focused relaxation - a state of mind and body in which we communicate suggestions to our subconscious mind. This part of our mind influences how we feel, what we think, and the choices we make. There is no magic to achieving success with self-hypnosis. Almost anyone who chooses to can reach deep relaxation levels.
  • Often people allow negative thoughts to sabotage their goals. These thoughts can be generated by fears, frustrations, things other people have said to you or your own past experiences. They can be the source of stress and anxiety. Hypnotherapy transforms the fear and frustration you might have felt in the past into a more positive outlook regarding conception.
  • In 1958 the American Medical Association approved the use of hypnosis and it has being taught in all the major medical schools since that time.

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