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This is our joyful boyful! He's such an incredibly happy little guy, and I'm certain that my peacefulness through your course has everything to do with that. I tell every pregnant mom to be I meet about your course, and how much it empowered us to have a healthy, private, peaceful home birth. Thanks again, and I wish you many enthusiastic clients in the New Year!

Love Susan and Eric

"We decided to try the classes for the birth of our second child because I was not happy with what I experienced with the birth of my first child. The first birth was very painful and that experience resonated throughout my life for the following year. When we found out we were pregnant for the second time, I wanted to ensure that this time, we had a plan of action. This was especially so because we wanted to have another home birth, where drugs are not an option.

We made sure that we also practiced the techniques at home, as directed by Rifa and the course materials. It is important to understand that a preparation does take practice, together as a couple and alone as an expectant mother, but the benefits far outweigh the work that one must put into it

It gave us a lot of benefits:

During pregnancy, I was able to cope much better with any stress that came my way. When I found it hard to fall asleep closer to the end of pregnancy, it helped me to relax enough to drift off easily once put into play. During our son's actual birth, it allowed me to keep full control over the birth; it assisted me in giving up control over my body and allowing it to do what it was designed to do. While I was not completely free from discomfort, the birth was not painful. The first and only time I even asked for a progress report, I was over 8 cm along! It also helped me to keep my wits about me. I was able to ask for what I needed when I needed it in a coherent and calm manner, including during the actual delivery. What was most important was that I was calm inside my own thoughts and was able to recognize moments where I felt in danger of "losing it" and was able to ask for more assistance from my husband.

This course also gave my husband a definitive role in the birth. He knew exactly how he could help me, and did. When I needed help relaxing, he was able to send me into deep relaxation with the prompts that we had practiced. He was able to direct me in what I should be visualizing, how to breathe, and what we were working towards.

In all, my birth experience was fantastic. There was no pain, no yelling or screaming, no "thanking God" that it was finally over… there was only concentration and complete bliss once he was born. Even when the unexpected happened and I had to go into the hospital for some repair work afterwards (he was 10lbs 8 oz), I was able to cope with that in a way that amazed me (needles and procedures had caused me a lot of anxiety in the past).

Now that I have my son, the hypnosis techniques for relaxation that I have learned are still helping me: to fall back asleep after a night feeding and to cope with being a mother for the second time.

I certainly would recommend this way of birthing to anyone and certainly, Rifa is a great instructor." - Justin and Athena

“Birthing with Love” program gave my mind something to focus on, with directed focus and relaxation to help the labor proceed smoothly, comfortably, and quickly. Much better than the traditional prenatal classes which tell you to breathe through it, creating tension and resistance in the body, rather than working with it." -J's mother

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